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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It might be 70 degrees this week on the east coast, but traces of snow will haunt Middlebury students through April and sometimes even May up north. Instead of whining about wind chill factor and below freezing temperatures, the tough undergrads embrace Vermont’s snowy winters and downright enjoy them thanks to their college Snow Bowl that offers three lifts and 17 trails to undergrad students and season-pass holders. In addition to skiing, sledding, and snowboarding the slopes, the students enjoy their annual Winter Carnival, held every February at the facility 20 minutes from campus.

Uscoop’s rep-star Tara recaps February’s bash.

What if you don’t know how to ski at Middlebury? Do you get left in the dust? Tara: Ha. You learn very quickly. Otherwise, you end up sitting inside all winter long. I taught one of my friends from Nashville how to get by in a two month period.

Can you paint the picture of the 89th Winter Carnival scene? Tara: We were lucky enough to celebrate the tradition with a weekend of fresh snow by skiing, doing other icy outdoor activities and rocking out to a Saturday night performance by DJ FunkMaster Flex. Against the backdrop of snowy trees and slippery slopes, Middlebury students dug out their retro snowsuits, hats, beer coats & liquor jackets to indulge.

What’s the highlight of the big weekend? T: Every year, the highlight of the weekend is the Saturday ski races. The day starts early for all of those involved—both racers and spectators. Many students choose to pregame the day with kegs and Bloody Mary’s making sure the slight drop in temperatures up at Middlebury’s ski slopes go undetected.

What was trending on the slopes? T: A lot of earmuffs and headbands on girls and brightly colored hats on the boys. Girls added color to the otherwise basic blacks and browns of winter clothing by layering long ski socks with boots. Big fur hats spotted the slopes along with a substantial spattering of neon colored beanies. Oversized sunglasses and furry hoods camouflaged faces until the last racer crossed the finish line.

‘Till next year…

(Photo & Copy Credit: Rep-star Tara H. @ Middlebury)

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